About us

Our Values


Through education, we aim to give families the confidence to use their skills and knowledge to become self-sustaining from their own land.

Pay it forward

Whoever receives our seed loans or animals to breed is required to reimburse the same amount that they were given, so we can continue to help other families. This helps us reach out to many families and also keeps families accountable for the use of the loans.

Gender equality

Teach to grow involves both women and men in all aspects of decision making, training, and education, and keeps children and parents united by working together on their land.

Our mission

Teach to Grow is a not for profit society that was incorporated in Calgary, Alberta on November 27th 2013. Our mission is to fight against hunger and malnutrition around the world starting in Burundi, Africa. The purpose of the Teach to Grow project is to empower smallholder farm families to live healthy, full lives, and achieve lasting self-reliance. Sustainable Farming is practiced by our smallholder farm families as they plan, plant, and harvest food for themselves and their livestock, thereby developing the human capacity to recognize and enhance the efficient use of natural resources.

Teach to Grow Canada Foundation’s mission is to empower poverty stricken Burundians by helping rural communities through sustainable farming.

Board of Directors

Liliane Bapfunya


Adrian Kapindangombe


Laura Umwiza


Gurprit Singh


Gurjot Gill