Our Founder

Liliane Bapfunya

Liliane was born and raised in a small village located in Burundi, she grew up seeing how malnourished some people from her village were.  They grew few crops for lack of knowledge, they had hunger months that lasted anywhere between a month to 3 months. Some families could not even afford to send their kids to school or provide them with basic needs. 

She immigrated in Canada in 2007, but she never forgot the people she left behind in her village and always wondered of ways she could make a difference.  In 2013 she returned in Burundi to visit her family, and it became clear that she had to step up and do something about the situation.   She along with a few coworkers and friends thought of ways they could help, and they founded Teach to Grow Canada Foundation.

Teach to Grow Canada foundation’s mission is to empower Burundian farmers through sustainable farming. We teach them how to farm in a modern way to increase their productivity.  We also provide the farmers with basic needs, such as food, shelters, school supplies, seeds and teach them basics of balanced meals.