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We host an annual “Back to School” program to provide children in Burundi with school essentials like backpacks and writing tools. We began the program in 2012, and so far helped 350 children attend school. We also sponsor individual children. An annual donation of $250 provides school supplies, basic needs such as food, school uniform, and a health care card, which allows the child to access medical services.

teach to grow ways to give


We work to educate families in prevention of malaria, and other mosquito-borne infectious diseases. Malaria is rated as the leading cause of childhood mortality in Burundi, with 48 percent of children under five dying of the disease prior to 2011. In 2012, we also began a program to buy government health care cards for vulnerable families in Buterere. At a cost of only $5 per card, sponsored individuals are able to access medical care.

Empower family and community

We support vulnerable families by developing education and co-operative projects to generate income, foster community building, and strengthen traditional methods of self-sufficiency through agriculture, or small business activities. With these programs, we create economic sustainability and growth, leading to reduced poverty while increasing quality of life. We currently operate in the communities of Buterere and Kivumu, in Burundi.

Help kids Canada program

We provide financial support to low-income families and single parents of school-age children in Calgary, Alberta. We work with schools in low-income areas to select the individuals in most need of help. We also work with local churches to identify those in need.