Teach To Grow 'Back to School' Education Program

Thanks to donations and our sponsors, we are providing access to education for children in Sigi located in the province of  Mukike and in This is a community where families struggle to survive and meet the most basic needs, and many children must earn a living as well to support their families.  For example, they may be fetching water or selling goods at the market.  

Children in Burundi start attending primary school at seven years old. The government pays for primary school fees, but other expenses are the responsibility of parents. School uniforms, pens, shoes and books are costly, and as a result, many children don’t go to school.  Our annual “Back to School” program provides these supplies, ensuring that vulnerable children receive education.

Secondary school students are also benefiting from Teach To Grow education project. In 2015 was able to send 32 children back to school with school supplies 2016 sent 58 kids, from different grades, school supplies. In 2017 84 kids got their school supplies from the donations!! Children aged 12 to 18 can attend secondary school, but at a cost – school fees are charged to families. Teach To Grow pays for these school fees, allowing parents to send their children through this higher level of learning, without the financial burden.